Paperback Piggy Revisited

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A few days ago I received the proof copy of my first picture book – Biggy Piggy – in the mail. Its arrival, though expected, was still quite a surprise. When I placed the order CreateSpace said it’d take around six weeks to arrive. It landed on my doorstep after a little less than two weeks.

I must admit it’s quite exciting to hold a properly printed and bound copy and be able to read it to my daughters. Naturally, I immediately photographed myself with it for posterity and texted it to my family.


After making a few very minor tweaks to the layout, I clicked the “Publish” button and sat back fully pleased with myself.

It’s available from and CreateSpace.

Amazon offers a service called “MatchBook”, which lets authors sell the eBook version for a reduced rate if you have also purchased the printed copy through them. When you opt to use MatchBook you have to reduce it to at least half price, or you can give it for free. Me, being the generous guy I am, have set the MatchBook price to $0.00, so anyone who buys the printed copy of Biggy Piggy can pick up the electronic copy for free!

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