Bonus – Storm View Review

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Thought I’d post a bonus quick blog this week because I’ve received a fantastic first review of Storm View. All disclaimers in place, it was from my sister. But she’s not one to pull punches, so I don’t expect favourable reviews just because we’re related. If she thinks it’s shit she’d tell me in so many words.

So forgoing the pomp and ceremony here is the first review ever posted about Storm View!

From Goodreads.

(Spoilers hidden, highlight the text to view)

This had me laughing out loud a few times, Artie’s first-person, slightly noirish narration was peppered with a smartarse sense of humour. I’d definitely read a few more stories in this ‘verse, especially now that Anya is in tow and (spoiler!) shares Artie’s genetic mutation. Artie reckons he wants to go legit, (end of spoiler) maybe he and Ula and Anya can become bounty hunters or gumshoes or something. I think Anya’s going to have her own ideas anyway.

A lot was packed into this little book and I liked how everything in the final action scene was foreshadowed. Short stories can be tricky to pack the info into sometimes. I can see this author working up to the confidence needed to pen a full-length novel, going by what I’ve seen here.

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