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Actually that’s a bit misleading.

Over the weekend I did a free giveaway of Storm View on Amazon. There hadn’t been much movement on it recently and thought a giveaway could get it into a few extra hands and maybe score a review. So far nobody has posted a review, but if they’re anything like me I’ll grab a book when I see it and it might sit in my “To Read” list for ages depending on how many I have in front of it. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of reviews eventually, if not well c’est la vie.

SV Rank 53
That’s me! Ranked 53 in the “Short Reads / Science Fiction and Fantasy” category, plus good rankings in a couple of others. These are the highest ranking I’ve achieved to date!

Okay, so I didn’t get any money from the free offer, but as I said in previous posts I’m harbouring no illusions of overnight success, I’m just happy at this point that people are reading what I’ve written. Of course it’d be nice to get paid to do it full time, but the chances are slim given the sheer volume of competition. Plus, doing it with short stories would be even more difficult.

Of course, I can get to gloat for a small time that at least for a short while I was ranked in the top 100, and inside the top 12,000 overall. That’s a very selective interpretation of the truth.  I was of course in the top 12,000 of “Free in Kindle Store” during that hour (Amazon stats are updated hourly).

Biggy Piggy isn’t doing too badly either, again this depends on how you read the stats. At time of writing it ranked 237 in “Children’s Books / Farm Animals” category. Overall, it’s near 800,000 for “Paid in Kindle Store“. Oh well! It’s been borrowed a few times on Kindle Unlimited but not purchased yet.

I’m not expecting a lot of electronic sales of Biggy Piggy because let’s face it; kid’s books are more useful as hard copy. There aren’t many parents want to give their kids access to expensive reading devices. In retrospect I would have preferred to release the book and eBook at the same time. You live and learn. Still, it’s all fun

I’ll be doing this for my next kid’s book “Biggy Piggy: Balloon Rescue”. Artwork and story is in full swing and almost completed. It’s at the point where I need to tidy up the artwork and story, then print it out to check it all over. Once that’s done I’ll start the publishing process. Stay tuned!)

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