Keeping Resolutions

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Apart from the obvious ones that everyone makes each year, be happier, eat healthier, exercise more, etc., the one I made this year was to commit more time to writing. I have faffed around for years, never committing enough time to it so unsurprisingly, I got nowhere.

I’ve got loads of story ideas on my computer, what I needed was the motivation to sit down and do it. When New Year’s Eve rocked around for 2015 my wife and I sat down and discussed what we’d like from the coming year. We discussed our ambitions and this year we’re both going to try harder to set aside time for things we want to do.

Since that day I’ve been working hard to find the time to sit down and write, and it’s paying off nicely. I’ve gotten more done in the last two months than I did in the past two years, to the point where I’ve even published a couple of stories online.

I’m not deluding myself into thinking I will be a huge success, hell I’m not even sure if anyone will ever read anything I put out. I just know I have tons of ideas in my head I’d like to get out and see published.

For me, writing is a kind of stress relief. I can lose myself while putting words to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) and can lose myself for hours. After my eldest was diagnosed as autistic it became a stressful time for us as a family as we came to terms with what that meant. Around that time I started writing again, and what I found was a sense of calming I needed.

Obviously I’d love to write and make enough to live off, as after all that’s the ultimate goal of publishing. In the meantime though I’m happy enough just getting the stories out of my head and into the real world where hopefully others can enjoy them.

But even if no one else ever reads them, I’ll still enjoy the time I spent writing them

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