Storm View Goes Live!

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Alt-Storm-View-Cover-211-300It’s been a busy couple of days for me. After publishing Biggy Piggy (my picture book for kids), I got to work finalising the cover for Storm View.

I’m happy to announce that as of this morning my first short story “Storm View” is now published!


On the space station Storm View, Artie Snell is your typical hard-working thug / loan shark, with a distinct advantage. An indestructible body shaped like an artillery shell. Everyone knows better than to mess with him.

But when an ex-girlfriend leaves the daughter he never knew he had with him for safekeeping and someone finds a way to kill him, his world is thrown into chaos. Suddenly he’s being hunted by an off-world crime boss looking for payback.

Can one man hope to beat back a crime syndicate, a prison wing of hardened felons, and a bunch of angry midgets? With people trying to kill him at every turn will he ever save his daughter and get his life under control again?

Storm View is a light-hearted space adventure comedy set in a distant star system.

Storm View Cover
Alternate Cover

Storm View is available as an eBook from Amazon.

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