2 New Audiobooks Coming Soon


If you’re a fan of young adult dystopian fiction and audiobooks, then I’ve got some great news for you! Both books in the FTW series – Boneyards and Badlands – are now in production to release as audiobooks!

I’m absolutely blown away with the performance of my narrator, the fabulous Tara Marie Kirk who lends her voice to Echo, Kara, and the entire cast of characters of the story.

Both books are being released through Audible, Amazon and iTunes so will be readily available for you and your favorite listening app.

Once the books are recorded and I’ve got a better idea of a release date, I’ll post and update to let you know!

What is the FTW Series?

If you’ve somehow not heard of these books before and are wondering what they’re about, here is how I like to pitch them in a few short sentences:

The FTW Series is an exciting young-adult fight for survival in a dystopian future. Featuring strong, no-nonsense female lead characters, this duo of fast-paced, action-packed books will keep you up all night because you won’t want to put them down.

Wondering what you’ll be hearing?

Here’s a 20 second snippet where you can listen to Echo’s introduction.

If you want to hear more of what Tara can do, or if you’ve got a project that needs a voice then do check her out. Check out her profile over on ACX. Professional results with a quick turnaround wrapped up in a captivating voice. What more you could you want?

What do they look like?

Well, I can help you with that too. Check these out!

Boneyards Audible Cover
Boneyards Audible Cover
Badlands Audible Cover
Badlands Audible Cover

Where you can get it

If you’ve not yet read the series and can’t wait for the audiobooks, what are you waiting for? Check out the sample of Boneyards over at Amazon!

Both books as well as the combined edition are available on Kindle Unlimited, or if you prefer print you can get those from Amazon as well!

So many options!